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Micro solar parks are ground-mount solar projects built over a land of less than 25 acres for power generation at up to 5 Megawatt. The solar production plant is strategically located at a distance that supports efficient power transmission to the facility.

Dexler Energy promises the delivery of high-quality solar park projects that confers energy independence to Indian manufacturers, enabling them to power their businesses by harnessing renewable energy source.

Gain a competitive edge with energy independence.

Dependence on fossil fuels for energy does not promote sustained business success because it comes with drawbacks, including finite resources, high energy tariffs, and disruptions in power supply from grid interruptions. Solar energy, among renewable sources, excels in delivering highly efficient power generation with operational simplicity, all while assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in reducing their carbon emissions.

Benefits of Micro Solar Parks:

Shorter ROIs of less than 2 years.

Appreciation on land value

High power generation capacity

High ease of maintenance and repair

Clean energy at a low cost of Rs. 3 – 4 per unit for up to 25 years

Energy savings of up to Rs. 1.5 crore per year.

Easy acquisition of smaller lands for the energy requirements of SMEs

Tax benefits of up to Rs. 70 lacs in the first year

High salvage value of the project with land for business expansion

Micro Solar Park Features

Solar parks span an open land area of about 20 acres.

Solar parks are located about 2 km from the grid to facilitate efficient power transmission.

Project development includes creating convenient roadways to state highways and consumption site.

Solar parks can guarantee energy independence for up to 25 years with an uninterrupted power supply.

Why choose Dexler for solar parks

High-Efficient Mono PERC Solar Modules

We deploy Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell or Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) solar cell panels, which efficiently converts sunlight into electricity in both low-light condition and high temperatures.

Next Generation Inverters 

We employ microinverters, which eliminate the limitations of single-point failure that occurs with traditional central inverters and improve the efficiency of power generation dramatically. 

Quick Project Delivery 

We deliver solar park projects with a power generation capacity of 1 to 5 Megawatt in under 120 days at low capital investment. 

High-Quality EPC Services

We are partnered with domestic and international solar EPC players with the goal of delivering our clients the best suited solutions.

Financial Assistance 

Dexler partners with financial institutes that offer financial assistance to solar park projects at competitive interest rates. 

Annual Maintenance Contract 

We extend our AMC and post-sales services to assist our clients in operating and maintaining solar parks, ensuring efficient power production.

Solar Park Project Process Flow

Solar Park Project Process Flow

Our Innovations and Success Stories as Karnataka’s Solar Power Front-Runners

  • First to develop Karnataka’s micro solar park for SME.
  • First to adopt single axis tracking technology in a merchant solar power plant in Karnataka.
  • First to enable a steel company’s revenue to grow by 20% in the first year of installation.
  • India’s first largest capex rooftop project in open access mode for a steel industry client.
  • First to enable an industrial manufacturer’s revenue to grow by 2 times.
  • First solar rooftop project in southwestern railways in Mysore.
  • First solar merchant power plant in Karnataka.

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What is the difference between rooftop solar and solar park?

Rooftop solar produces power from solar systems installed on the rooftops, while solar parks harness solar modules mounted on an open ground.

How can Dexler assist with project financing?

Dexler Energy extends financial assistance, offering competitive interest rates for project financing. They can deliver solar park projects with a power generation capacity of 1 to 5 Megawatts in under 120 days, requiring a low capital investment.

What are the advantages of solar parks over rooftop solar?

The advantages include

  • Larger area of solar energy capture – higher power generation
  • Ease of maintenance operations
  • Additional land acquisition
  • Lower capital investment

What is the power generation capacity of solar parks?

Dexler can design and raise solar parks that can provide a power output of 1 to 5 megawatts.

What is the timeline for project delivery?

With a highly efficient team of engineers, technicians and support staff, Dexler can deliver solar parks in the span of 120 days. 

Does Dexler provide maintenance services?

Yes, we offer operations and maintenance services which assist our clients in operating the power plant and conducting periodic and corrective maintenance activities to prevent failures and preserve efficiency. We also offer annual maintenance contracts for long-term maintenance of the power projects.