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Dexler Energy is offering Solar Rooftop Solutions to industrial consumers,
commercial entities and educational institutes to address the challenges
of increasing electricity costs and power cuts effectively.

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Why Solar Roof-Top ?

Rising costs of electricity purchased from the local DISCOMs is a growing concern for SMEs as well as large enterprises. Electricity costs grew by over 4% y-o-y for the last decade while with a booming economy the energy consumption is bound to increase multi-fold. This is going to push the energy costs even higher in future. Hence, it becomes quintessential to look for options for optimize operational costs. Solar Rooftop systems make effective use of your empty rooftop space to generate electricity. The system enables onsite power generation, eliminating transmission and distribution costs. It also makes efficient use of energy owing to negligible losses in transmission. Rooftop Systems require little maintenance due to absence of moving parts in the system and have a long operating life of 25 years. Electricity produced from the solar plant is clean in nature with zero carbon emissions.These rooftop systems can be customized according to the available space and structure of the roof and can cater to 20 – 100% of your power requirements depending on the roof size.

With a vision to convert all roofs in the country from and energy sink to a power source, Dexler Energy has designed Roof-Top solutions for all consumer needs. We believe no solution fits all the consumer needs hence, we offer multiple engagement models to cater to your unique requirement.

Engagement Models

Buy Solar Power 

We Invest Operate Maintain

Dexler is offering a unique solution that provides opportunity to consumers to enjoy the benefits of solar power without investing in the system. We engage on a Build Own Operate model, which simply put we invest, we own the system, we design, we setup the plant, supply electricity and charge you for the power supplied. This solution is designed to be simple, economic and effective without the upfront capital expenditure or the risks associated with the installation and operation of such a project.

After the expiry of the supply term, the ownership of the project is transferred to our consumer. In addition the generated power from the rooftop system comes to you at a cost that is less than your current cost of power. This model allows our consumers to avoid initial capital investment and results in greater cost savings over a period of time. You give us your roof and we will supply power for your consumption.

You enjoy the benefits of Clean Energy at a reduced cost

Buy Solar Plant 

Reduced Installation Hassles Power Costs Inferior Panels

Dexler Energy will help consumers set up Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic systems using the free space on their building roofs, which will help in harnessing the sun’s potential and generate energy for self-consumption or for supplying power to the grid.

Our Solar Rooftop systems are designed to meet the day time electrical loads by producing the power from solar panels.

Electricity produced by the system can meet the partial or total electrical load based on the system capacity. Our Rooftop systems feature premium quality solar modules that provide reliable and environmentally friendly generation of electricity from sunlight, we are associated with the best in the business of solar photovoltaic and we promise to deliver only the best of services.

Make your move from a Power consumer to a generator