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Solar Open Access is a regulatory mechanism which allows consumers to source electricity for self-consumption from any solar generating source located at a remote location by using the transmission and distribution network of the state or center.

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Why Solar Open – Access ?

Solar Power Open Access as the name suggests is procurement of Solar Power from the competitive Market rather than buying from a single source which is the local utility or distribution company. 

Open Access allows consumers to choose their power supplier and source of power ensuring economic sense. Typically consumers with power requirements of more than 1 MW can opt for open access. Under this mechanism, solar power generated by large solar plants at suitable locations is transported to the open access consumer utilizing the existing transmission and distribution system. Thus, economies of scale is achieved on power prices by setting large solar plants and economical renewable power is delivered after considering open access charges like wheeling, banking and cross subsidy charges.

Dexler Energy Ensures delivery of solar power through open access on long term Power Purchase Agreements. We believe key concerns of energy security, affordability and visibility on power prices is delivered through this solution.

With an exemption on wheeling and banking charges, Solar open – access is cheaper than your grid power supply and can deliver reduction of up-to 25% on existing grid tariffs. Cross subsidy surcharges

Engagement Models

Buy Power from Solar Farm 

We Invest Operate Maintain

Dexler is offering a unique solution that provides opportunity to consumers to enjoy the benefits of solar power without investing in the system. We engage on a Build Own Operate model, which simply put we invest, we own the system, we design, we setup the plant, supply electricity and charge you for the power supplied as a per kWh tariff.

This solution is designed to be simple, economic and effective without the upfront capital expenditure or the risks associated with the construction, installation, operation and maintenance of such a project. The typical contract terms offered are 25 Years, 15 Years, 10 Years, 5 Years in decreasig order of cost effectiveness of the power supplied.

You enjoy the benefits of Clean Energy at a reduced cost

Group Captive

Reduced Regulatory Dependence Power Costs Inferior Panels

This is a solution for collective usage and co-investment of multiple commercial and industrial consumers in a single project. The customers should have at least 26% of the equity and have to consume at least 51% of the power produced. The term “captive power scheme” was introduced in the Electricity Rule, 1995. 

Electricity produced by the system can meet the partial or total electrical load based on the system capacity. According to Electricity Act, 2003, any Cross Subsidy Surcharge or Additional surcharge can’t be levied on group captive consumers resulting in cheaper electricity. Also, it provides immunity from future levy of any duties by state utilities, hence ensuring reliable and cost effective power for both customers and developers alike.

Transitioning from Power Consumer to Reliable Generator